For mothers, others and lovers - the affirmation card deck for new parents. Because who couldn’t use a little support in the postpartum period and first year of your baby’s life. It’s squishy bliss at its best, a shit show limbo at its worst, often something in between. Take solace in and courage from the voices of other mothers/parents and allow yourself to be comforted, counselled and loved. 
Draw a card when you have a moment and would like to reflect or reset, or read through the cards and place one that resonates somewhere close by, where you can see its message and be reminded you’re not alone in this. 
The Motherlover deck contains 31 beautifully illustrated cards. Card dimensions are A6 size, cards are matte-laminated and the box they're housed in is stylish and durable.
Author: Nina Ruotsalainen 
Illustrator: Saara Obele
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