Illustrator, pattern designer and graphic designer based in Espoo, Finland.
I like to do surface design, illustration work and visual identities. 
In illustration I like to work within themes of social justice, environmental issues and animal rights.
If you think I'd be a good fit as a visual communication designer for your project, don't hesitate to contact me!

Jani Toivola - Poika ja hame, Otava, 2021
Jani Toivola - Poika ja perhostunne, Otava, 2022
Jani Toivola - Poika ja rohkeusloikka, Otava, 2023
Pikkuisen pihan porukka, S&S, 2021
Tarot - Tieto meissä - Wekesa, Al-Ani, Obele, Like, 2022
Lolan suuri salaisuus, Lola Odusoga, WSOY, 2023

Aalto University, Bachelor of Art, 2020, Illustration Minor
Aalto University, Master of Art, ongoing, Patterndesign Minor

Positios of Trust:
Boardmember of the Finnish Illustration Association / Kuvittajat Ry

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